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I absolutely love our Maltipoos and enjoy the precious moments when they have puppies and the time I get to spend with their puppies as they curiously explore this new world they’re born into.

We strive to breed only the healthiest Maltipoos with lots of love and attention. We have strict breeding and care standards for all of the Maltipoos in our program.

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Pretty Maltipoo Puppies

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Welcome to our Maltipoo Family

A Maltipoo, also known as Maltepoo or Maltese-Poodle, is a hybrid cross between a Maltese and Poodle (generally toy size but sometimes miniature) and is one of the most popular hybrid dog! The Maltese/Poodle cross was created to be a small-breed companion dog for allergy sufferers and has many wonderful qualities. Not only is the maltipoo a very friendly dog, but he has hair (not fur) so he may be tolerated by those with allergies. Maltipoos are very intelligent, energetic dogs who learn very quickly and would make a perfect addition to any household.

Our site is full of information on the Maltipoo breed. Please feel free to browse around to learn more about the Maltipoo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Pretty Maltipoo Puppies

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We will get your puppy hooked up with a top notch pet courier for delivery. You can receive your pup same day, next day or in 72 hours depending on your location. Express delivery negotiation is available as well.

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We strive to beat the big box prices by bringing to you our puppies at the most affordable prices you can find. We endeavor to make our puppies available to all class of individuals and homes. We don't let price come between Pet lovers and puppies.

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We embark to ensure that all our puppies are healthy and strong by having them vet-checked regularly, AKC registered and are housebroken. We also strive to create an environment where customer's satisfaction matters most

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Pretty Maltipoo Puppies

What Our Client's Say

Hello, it’s been few months now and Onix is doing great. I wanted to thank you very much for all the information you provided and for answering all my dumb questions. I am so glad I listened to you regarding his personality – he is a perfect fit for our family. He actually tolerates, my son and daughter harassing them when she gets the chance. For anyone reading this and may be on the fence, tell them about your family and trust them to choose the puppy to match. They raised them from birth so knows better than anyone about their temperament, I am living proof.
James P.